Other Insurance

Home Content Insurance

The cost of the contents of your home cannot be underestimated, from the expensive rooms like the kitchen and the living room down to the bedrooms and pantry, replacing the contents of your home can be a financial nightmare if you are not covered. Comprehensive home content insurance offers you complete protection from break-in and theft as well as against loss or damage from natural causes like fires, lightning, falling trees, earthquakes, storms, floods, or other damage like burst/overflowing geysers, equipment or pipes etc.

Portable Possessions Insurance

Insuring the contents of your home is important, but with certain items there is extra care that should be taken. All portable possessions that you remove from your home should be covered by portable possessions protection, even if they are included in your home content protection. This cover, which is also called All Risks Policy, will protect you for items such as watches and jewellery, cellphones, cameras, laptops etc.

Building Insurance

Insuring your buildings against environmental and accidental damage is a smart move as we know that property can be expensive. Building cover allows you to claim for damages to private residential house (or houses), tennis courts, boundary walls, fences, swimming pools and outbuildings.

Life Insurance

Life cover can secure the financial future of your loved ones when you die. Many families rely on one “bread winner” for the family income and if this is taken away, it can put the family in a crisis. Life policies can be tailor-made to suit each individual and each provider has unique benefits and terms and conditions. Do not leave your family with the burden of expenses and fees, get life insurance and relax and enjoy your life.