Car Insurance

Your automobile can be many things; a business tool, a thrilling toy, a ticket to independence and mostly, simply a life saver if you need to get from A to B! It would make complete sense then to ensure that your vehicle is covered for theft or damage. Comprehensive car protection ensures that you may claim for any accidental damage or theft. You may also claim for the accidental damage caused to other parties and their property. Each provider offers unique prices, benefits and terms and conditions so it is important to “shop around” for the best price and offer.

The policy needs to be clearly understood as there are usually many clauses that will result in no payment from the insurer. Damage to the vehicle in situations like a non-licensed driver, driver under the influence of alcohol or a non-specified driver will result in claims being rejected. The vehicle must be insured for its use e.g. private or business and it must be road-worthy at the time of the accident in order to claim. Automobiles are not assets like property and will depreciate over time, so it is important to re-negotiate the insurance premium at least once or twice a year.

We do not want to think about our lives without our cars for transport, business or pleasure, but if we fail to insure our cars, that is exactly what could happen. Once you have sorted out your motor cover, you can rest easy because you are prepared for any unforeseen accidental damage or theft of your prized possession.